The development of a govtech innovation ecosystem is a policy for prosperity, as well as for the efficiency of the Public Administration.

Why GovTech

The adoption of innovative technologies by the Public Administration, through forms of public-private collaboration that allow access to an ecosystem of startups and innovative suppliers, with the aim of improving the provision of public services, citizen engagement, and government information systems.(The World Bank Group)

Govtech means better public services at a lower cost (-50% time spent by citizens, -60% costs for the gov), better management of public goods also at a local level and greater accessibility. All this through the development of strategic businesses and technologies which generate growth and a higher quality of the employment in the territories.

Focus on

Scenari GovTech

The first research in Italy about GovTech and Public procurement for innovation, exploring the relationships between startups and Government.

GovTech Forum

The forum where Global GovTech leaders meet to design new policies to exchange ideas and drive prosperity

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The first research on GovTech: the report focused on the relation between the startups and the Italian Public Administration.